Prerequisites: Only after a user has logged in

What a user sees:

  • Title
  • Date range (recurrence?)
  • Categories
  • Body

Medium: Ranged/Recurring Notices

  • allow user to specify date range for notice (Calendar)
  • allow user to specify recurring date for notice
  • Limit on # of notices within the range: 14 notices
    • Fields for how many weeks, which days (days of the week)
  • Just state: no more than 14
  • Lower priority: enforcing the limit

Date Limits

  • currently, users can post notices up to the end of the freshman class' graduating year
  • December 31 of senior's graduating year
  • Right after graduation (June), the limit changes

Duplicate Check

When: On Notice submission

Medium Priority: Compare title, username, body 100% match

  • Notification page that includes a link to edit

Lower Priority:

  • Warning page about same title
  • Threshold for similarity (title, body)
    • User can check/verify that this is not a duplicate


  • we won't care about notices duplicated over multiple days, especially if we implement the date range above
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