Features to Implement

Logged in to do everything but subscribe

Subscription - edit email address

Medium/High: Search Notices

  • search box (in the top of every page)
  • default search
  • Not finding what you're looking for, links to Advanced Search
  • date range (maybe default is 2 weeks?) could use a cool calendar for this instead of standard form markup
  • return all notices with given words, so an empty search is just a browse all in the date range
  • only titles, only bodies
  • query refinements: +,-,wildcards?
  • checkboxes for specific categories, advanced search refinements
  • include the past notices currently stored in text files?

Below: Links to archives

  • Lower priority

High: Edit Posts

  • Function: allow user to modify submitted notice before it is distributed
  • Information: essentially, this will be the same as the notice submission form, just populated with the user's previous data

HTML in Notices

  • I think we agreed that users should not be able to include HTML, especially pictures
  • just plain-text, then?

Site Outline

  • Include W&L header/footer from the rest of the site.
  • left-hand sidebar will include the following pages:
  • Campus Notices (explanatory welcome page)
  • Post
  • Edit/Cancel
  • Today's Notices
  • Search Notices
  • Subscribe
  • My Preferences
  • FAQs
  • Log out on every page

Revised Categories

(ordering is tentative for now)

  • Official University Notices
  • Academic Notices
  • Campus Events
  • Greek Notices
  • Athletic Notices (includes D-III, club, intramural)
  • Campus Organization Notices
  • Community Service
  • Personal Notices (break up into lost/found, for sale, and misc?)
  • Long term area for posts lasting over 1 week?
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