The Edit/Cancel page is where a registered/logged in user goes in order to edit or cancel a notice up until the time the notice goes out.

What a User Sees

  • The same form he/she used to submit a notice with all of the previously entered information filled in and editable.
  • A “Cancel Notice” button that handles wiping out all of the information and navigating away from the edit page to a confirmation page saying something along the lines of “your notice has been canceled, leave a message after the beep”

What a User Does

Presumably, the user either:

  1. Edits the notice
  2. Cancels the notice

Behavior of Application/Feature

  • Edit notice allows user to change any part of a notice
  • “Cancel notice” cancels all instances of that notice

Example Use Cases

Plans changed and I need to cancel a notice. I cancel it.


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