My Preferences (Medium Priority)


  • allows user to change subscription preferences
  • allows unsubscribe for non-WLU users

What a User Sees

  • essentially same as the options on the Subscribe page
  • checkboxes for distribution lists and categories
  • non-WLU only - password change field
  • non-WLU only - e-mail field (to change target address)
  • non-WLU only - unsubscribe button
  • WLU only - use Active Directory to determine which group the user cannot unsubscribe from
  • “Submit” button

What a User Does

  • selects and submits desired changes

Behavior of Application/Feature

  • if a non-WLU user unsubscribes, remove their address and subscription preferences from the database
  • if a user modifies subscription preferences, update the database accordingly
  • display a confirmation page with information that has changed or to confirm unsubscription

Example Use Cases

  • see above


  • Medium
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