Deliverable 6

The work for Deliverable 6 was not easy. I was expecting to spend a couple of hours just going back through my old deliverables and editing that information. It took more than that.

A major part of the revision was making the experimental section more formal. This meant reading through the paper that Dr. Sprenkle gave me and applying those examples to my experiment. I had never designed a formal experiment before, so this information was all new. Another confusing part was that my “paper” is still very much a work in progress, so some of the information did not apply, which made it difficult to apply the pattern at times. All in all, I think it turned out well.

When it came to getting the whole deliverable together, I began with the abstract. The abstract should be easy, I thought. I found it difficult to write an abstract with no results. Basically, I just restated the introduction saying why I was creating Duo and what Duo does. (Oh, and I came up with the name “Duo” for deliverable 6, which I really like). The abstract was only the beginning. I kept trying to fit my paper into the mold professor Sprenkle had given me, but it just would not fit because the project had evolved so much over time.

Ultimately, I just did what I could. Certain sections were left out, while others were lengthened. I am pretty happy with the result, although I would like to somehow add more information. I just feel like so much work has gone into this project, and I do not think it is fully evident in the paper. This week I will just do a little revamping and filling out where necessary.

The further I get with this project, the more I want to actually go through with development. I know, I know, I don't have time. Not to mention, the experiment would be difficult to pull off, and I don't know anything about making IDEs. All that aside, I am excited about Duo and hope that I will at least get to return to it in concept someday. Maybe, SSA will spark some new ideas.

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