Ancient Graffiti Project


The goal of the Ancient Graffiti Project is to provide a digital resource so that users can explore the ancient graffiti in Herculaneum and Pompeii.

Desired Functionality, Features

  • admin interface to make changes to the inscriptions
    • Enter the metadata about the inscriptions
    • Update information about the insula, properties
  • ability to generate reports from database
  • incorporate a “Greatest Hits” (e.g., where a Latin teacher could go to get our favorites, so she doesn’t have to wade through all the others)
  • on the search results page, show how many results were found, e.g., returning 6 inscriptions out of 459
  • Allow tags of all graffiti – for both categorization and searching
    • tags are at a more detailed level than categories. For example, we could tag a graffito as “stag” while its category is “animals”. We can tag other graffiti as “poetry” or “messages”, for example, based on its content.
    • How should this be integrated into the search functionality?
  • open API to export data as JSON and/or as XML
    • Example: can export all the figural graffiti at once
    • Will have a user interface to this data but can also access through a web service/URL
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