Web Quality Attributes

Sara Sprenkle, 2008/04/28 11:34

Read the following article Quality Attributes of Web Software Applications and in a comment (the discussion pane below), include the following:

  • Your interest in the article, on a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being the highest
  • What are the three main points to the article?
  • How does this article change your understanding of the Web?
  • How does the article relate to class?
  • One question for class discussion

We will discuss the article in class.

This is a 20 point assignment. The comment is worth 15 points and the in-class discussion is worth 5 points. Due before 12 p.m. on Friday, May 2.


Nicole Carter, 2008/05/02 04:22, 2008/05/02 04:23

My interest in this article is a 5. As I began to read through it, however, it piqued my interest a little more.

The three main points of the article were the different aspects of web applications, web applications pertaining to economic changes, and web applications pertaining to technological changes. The author illustrated these points with his actual experiences. It made me come to the realization that web applications are on a whole different platform than software. Every user anywhere must be able to access the web application at any time, therefore, if it doesn't have good usability, available on different browsers, and isn't updated regularly, it won't attract many users. The users who do use the application will eventually move to one that has covered all of those aspects.

This article relates to class simply because we are creating web applications. It reinforces the importance of things like usablilty, that we have been discussing.

The article said that there is an lack of engineers skilled in Web software development, as a computer science major learning about web applications, am I a part of the solution to this problem?

Jack Palmer, 2008/05/02 15:40

My interest in the article was a 6 out of 10. It was interesting but I had already read about a lot of this information before.

The three main points to the article were 1) a comparison between web software and other software, including mainly the important factors when releasing web software/web sites, 2) the recent changes in web based technology, and 3) the future of web based technology and the need for more web based experts.

This article did not change my understanding of the web much. However, I was unaware of the need for more web developers more so than the need for other computer technicians.

The article relates to the class because it describes what we should consider important when creating a web site, it further describes the technologies we are using, and it shows us the benefits of the skills we are learning in this class.

The article talks a lot about the future and the need for more workers, but it did not say much about future technologies. I'm interested to know if there are any plans that have been released that will further change how we interact with the web.

Josiah Davis, 2008/05/02 15:59, 2008/05/02 16:00

This article is very interesting (9/10). The main points of the article are that the needs of web development are significantly different today than they were in the past, these changes have presented numerous difficulties that cannot be solved the way traditional software problems are, and software developers do not know how to counter these problems yet, although much progress is being made.

Users today expect web applications to be available 24/7/365, so a huge burden is layed on web developers to achieve very high levels of quality and usability. Traditional software development does not have all the answers because of it takes a different approach.

This article reminded me of an article by Paul Graham http://www.paulgraham.com/road.html where he argues that web applications will make desktop software obsolete in the not-so-distant future. These two authors seem to agree that the web is the future for exciting new software development.

One of the problems mentioned in Offutt's article is the difficulty of making web applications secure. I'm wondering, is it possible for web pages to make their source code private? Or does it necessarily have to be available to all users?

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