Professor View

Authenticated login

  • Login with username and password
  • If correct, see Options page
  • If incorrect, show error message on login page

Do we want to allow people to create their own accounts? Couldn't a student create a professor account? If the username/password is incorrect, you should see an error message and the login page again. You may also want to have a “Forgot password?” page.

Options Page

  • Sidebar on every page contains links (these are found on the options page):
    • Back to options
    • List of quizzes
    • Create new quiz
    • Update quiz
    • Delete quiz
    • Logout

Is all of this on one page? It's not clear exactly what will be on the Options page and what will be on other pages. It's also not clear if you'll have a sidebar and what will be contained in the sidebar. You always want to give the user the option of going back to a “Main” page.

List of Quizzes

  • Lists all of the quizzes with edit and delete links for each quiz

Adding a New Quiz

  • Link directs to a new page with a text box for the title and text area for the key
  • Submit buttons saves information and opens a page to enter a single question, the key is shown at the top of each new question page.

Will each predicate be on its own line? Will the professor need to type in A. , B., etc.? NC: We decided that for now the key will be in a text box, but if this is a problem, this will be revisited

Adding a New Question

  • key is displayed at the top of the page
  • text box for the question
  • text box for the answer
  • next question link that saves the input for the current question and displays a new page for the next question and answer
  • finished button that saves the final question and directs to a confirmation page
  • The whole quiz is displayed on the confirmation page with new question link,edit links for each question and the key and a finished button that directs back to the list of quizzes page.
  • Edit link for the question/answer takes you back to the confirmation page with the new set in its old position
  • There is a delete button for the question and answer that takes you back to the confirmation page

What response do you get from this page if you do edit something? And, what's the step you see after the edit?

Can you delete questions? What happens if professor leaves a question blank?

Deleting a Quiz

  • The link directs to a page with a list of all the professor's quizzes
  • The tests that need to be deleted can be checked and the submit button delets the selected quizzes and sends a confirmation message and a link back to the list of quizzes page
  • Use side bar or back to options link to cancel the delete

Have a cancel button to get out of this or go to main page?


  • Submit button directs to a confirmation page that allows the professor to remove a quiz from the delete list

Good idea to allow the user to confirm (and fix) what they're about to do, especially when it's something “dangerous” like deleting a quiz.

Updating a Quiz

  • Link directs to a list of the professor's quizzes
  • Clicking on the radio button beside the title of the quiz directs to a page with the quiz with edit buttons for the key and every question and answer
  • A link to add a new question is at the bottom of the page
  • A finished button at the bottom of the page displays a confirmation message and a link back to the options page

Will the new questions be at the end? Can they be inserted in the middle? Can you delete a question/answer?


  • Viewing how many students took a specific quiz
  • Viewing results of student performance on individual quizzes
  • Statistics about student performance
  • Other information about student test (time taken, time to take,…)
  • Aggregate results of student performance on quizzes
  • Set a time limit on quizzes for when students can take the quiz
  • Upload incorrect answers and why incorrect
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