Cobb '12 and Sprenkle take SIGCSE 2012

Camille Cobb '12 was a finalist in the ACM Student Research Competition held at SIGCSE 2012 in Raleigh, NC. Camille presented her poster on “Exploring Text-Based Analysis of Test Case Dependencies of Web Applications” in a four-hour session to unknown judges, which placed her in the top five student researchers. She gave a well-received 12-minute presentation two days later with tough competition–by all accounts, the finalists were all very strong.
The Official W&L News Story

Dr. Sara Sprenkle and co-author Dr. Shannon Duvall of Elon University presented their paper on “Reshaping the Image of Computer Science in 15 Minutes (of Class) a Week”. The paper is about systematically using current news articles in classes to show students the opportunities in computer science and how to think like a computer scientist, without much cost. More information is available on our blog: Computer Science News.

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