CSCI 211: Algorithm Design and Analysis



  • New blog entry/page for each week OR chapter OR section
  • Clearly delineate sections/chapters
  • Content
    • Brief summary of the chapter/section
      • ~1 paragraph of about 5 sentences per section
      • feel free to write more if that will help you
    • Include motivations for the given problem, as appropriate
    • Questions you have about motivation/solution/proofs/analysis
    • Discuss anything that makes more sense after reading it again, after it was presented in class (or vice versa)
    • Anything that you want to remember, anything that will help you
    • Say something about how readable/interesting the section was on scale of 1 to 10

Student Journals

Possible Journal Styles

To create a sidebar

  1. when you're on your journal page, go to your browser's location bar and enter “sidebar” as the page name.
    For example, the course page is so to create the sidebar, I enter
  2. The page should say “Topic Does Not Exist”. Click the “Create Page” button to create the sidebar. Enter links to the pages (Prelude, Chapter 1, etc.) Save the page, and you should see the sidebar.
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