How to Read a Research Paper

Courtesy of Lori Pollock

When reading a research paper, answer the following questions:

Statement of the Problem/Goals:

  • In one sentence in your own words, state succinctly the overall problem being addressed in this paper.
  • What particular goals do these researchers have in addressing this problem?
  • What contribution are they seeking to make to the state-of-the-art?

Technical Approach:

In a few sentences in your own words, what is the key insight of this group's approach to tackling the stated problem? What is their overall approach/strategy to solving the problem?


  • How did the researchers evaluate their efforts?
  • What conclusions did they make from their evaluation results?
  • What application/useful benefit do the researchers/you see for this work?
  • What limitations do the researchers mention with their approach?
  • What additional limitations do you think might also occur?
  • Write one interesting question to ponder with regard to this paper beyond content understanding.

How to Perform Research

Bibliography Searches

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