Commands for Lab

Submitting Your Code Electronically to Your Turnin Directory

If you have your directories set up appropriately (i.e., your lab directory is in your cs111 directory), you should be able to run

turnin labx

where labx is the name of the lab you are submitting. Using this command will ensure that all your permissions are set up appropriately.

If you want to know what's going on behind the hood, you could run this command from your cs111 directory:

cp -r labx /csci/courses/coursename/turnin/username

where labx is the directory of the lab you want to copy, coursename is your course name, and username is your username.

Creating Printable Files

To create a condensed, printable file of your lab, use the createPrintableLab command.

The syntax of the command is

createPrintableLab <path_to_lab_directory>

For example, if you're in your labs directory, to print lab1, you'd write

createPrintableLab lab1

will generate a file called containing all the printable files in your directory, not including subdirectories.


If your directory contains unprintable files, like binary files (e.g., .pyc or image files), you'll see an error message about unknown or special characters. Remove those files and run the command again.

Viewing a PS File: evince

To view a file, use the evince command.

evince &

where is the name of the file that you want evince to open.

For example

evince &

Use the & to run the command in the background and continue to have use of your terminal.

If you can't use the terminal again, you probably need to close evince.

Printing Files

To print from the command-line, you can use the lpr command. Do not try to print PDF files or images this way. The syntax of the print command is

lpr -P<printername> filename

For example:

lpr -Pcslab

The printer name is cslab when you're in P405 or advlab if you're in P413.

The command lpr means to print the file. The option 'P' says which printer to use (one of the CS lab printers), and the argument says which file to print–in this case

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