Where can Firebase take your app and business?

Firebase is a NoSQL Cloud-based database provided by Google, which imports and exports databases in JSON format. Firebase is also open-source and accessible on different platforms, including Android, iOS, C++, and Unity. This back-end-facing service, which specializes in rapidly saving and retrieving data, provides app makers with a wide selection tools with which they can maintain their apps and grow successful businesses (see graphic below):

As reflected in the graphic, the Analytics tool lies at the heart of Firebase's services. The tool offers free and unlimited app usage analytics using a real-time SDK, dozens of pre-made attributes, and plenty of room for app developers to design their own metrics. These features (which span areas including acquisition, app usage, segmentation, and optimization), are all combined on one well-organized dashboard, negating the need for multiple, linked analytics tools. The main goal of Firebase Analytics is to elegantly facilitate deep analyses of user interactions with applications. This allows developers to truly understand how to best optimize their app for maximize user satisfaction, thereby maximizing chances of increasing revenue.

Strengths of Firebase Analytics

  • Custom & Free: reporting for 500 distinct events that you can define
  • Scalable
  • Flexible price models for when you outgrow the free price plan
  • Elegant, easy to use interface
  • High level of documentation, tutorials, & support available
  • Less time spent linking tools with app & with each other
  • By combining multiple tools, eradicates inter-tool lag and miscommunication

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Other Notes & Recap

Using Firebase Analytics is super easy and free! All you need is to link your app to the Firebase SDK, and you'll have immediate access to user events and behaviors recorded from your users. You will then be able to view visual, graphic, and numerical reports of user interaction to your app, and you'll even get to create your own!

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