Deliverable 4

I haven't exactly been journaling like I had planned, but I think it is hard to journal when you are simply reading articles (which is what I have been doing all week up to now). Now that I have finally sat down and starting writing, journaling seems more applicable. So, here we go…

Since last week, I have gone back through my list of subtopics and decided what I need to fill-out and what I needed to review. I went back and reviewed three articles in my collection and I filled out my research on specific costs and benefits of pair programming as well as on Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). I still feel shaky on IDEs, and should probably look at specific overview of how they work (or how plug-ins for them work). I know that I am not actually going to implement what I say, but I would at least like to know how to do it at a high-level. I think on top of deliverable 5, I will make a prototype for what my IDE would look like.

I ran into two problems in creating Deliverable 4: I have many more references than is evident by my introduction and related work, and I have not figured out how I want to have my IDE work, so it is impossible to articulate that in my Introduction. The first problem is easier to fix than the second. Even though, I went through and organized all of my files into their specific subtopics, I think I am overlooking each one's individual importance and am grouping them under one reference. Basically, I am attributing too much to one other and too little to another. Currently, I only have 7 references, and I feel like I should have more than that.

As for problem two, I think I need to step back and consider how I would actually create this environment. Like I said, I want to create a prototype (paper) by next week that shows the basic functionality of the program and how it would benefit pair programming. Before I can do that, I want to read more about pair programming and make sure I completely understand what a typical interaction looks like.

Basically, no problems with latex this week. Yeah! Except for Prof. Sprenkle showing me how to show a % (since % is usually a comment indicator). For future reference it is /% .

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