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 [[http://logic.wlu.edu|Symbolic Logic Tutorial]] [[http://logic.wlu.edu|Symbolic Logic Tutorial]]
 +===== Overview =====
 +To help students learn Symbolic Logic, we are developing an online Symbolic Logic tutorial. Authorized professors can create quizzes for their students to take, in either practice or graded mode.
 +===== Desired Functionality =====
 +  * More modern, responsive user interface
 +    * Leverage [[http://getbootstrap.com/components/|Bootstrap components]] (or other technologies), as appropriate
 +  * Professor functionality
 +    * Grade question by question instead of student by student
 +    * Propagate an assigned point value across all identical (or equivalent?) answers (this makes the above particularly effective)
 +    * Vertical arrangement of student answer and correct answer for easier comparison
 +    * Copy ALL quizzes from one courses to another instead of copying them individually
 +  * Quiz functionality
 +    * Detect unbound variables
 +      * for practice quizzes, feedback in grading
 +    * Display unmatched parentheses in grading mode, and/or implement parenthesis matching in the student input field
 +    * Handle that “V” cannot be one of a “letter” in the key (likely part of the professor's quiz creation--may be other places?)
 +    * Allow a user to take a practice quiz without having an authorized account (special set of "public" quizzes -- demonstrates the application's functionality)
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