Requirements Template

Name of feature should be the top-level heading.


Describe the feature – provide a general overview


What had to happen before someone reaches this page, e.g., user must be logged in and have certain authorization privileges.

Link to earlier feature as appropriate, so that we can easily reference the requirements for that feature.

What a User Sees

Describe what a user sees: what are the input fields, what are the results displayed, what order are they in

What a User Does

Describe the options for what a user can do. Be specific. (May be tied with fields in earlier section.)

What is required of the user? Any input that needs to validated? Any constraints? (Perhaps a user must fill in two fields or only one of two fields.)

Behavior of the Application/Feature

When a user enters input or clicks a button, what are the possible outcomes?

Examples: if user enters erroneous input, what happens? if user does one of three options, what happens in each of those cases?

Example Use Cases

Describe some typical situations of what a user can/will do.

May want to put this earlier, but may not make sense unless you explain the other stuff.


Relative priority of feature (high, medium, low)

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