Condor Project Update - July 20, 2011

Condor Project Codename: Orion

Condor Wiki

The W&L Condor Project Wiki (where this page is located) is at:
Right now, the Wiki serves as documentation for installing Condor and configuring machines to join the Condor pool. In the future, this will be the place to go for users to learn how to submit jobs to our Condor system.

Centralized Management

  • Central Condor Manager:
    • Alias:
  • Central Storage Location:
    • Mounted on the pool computers as /mnt/config/
    • Contains
      • Installation folders for Condor
        • Allows for easy and centralized updates to Condor program files
        • In the future, this will include installations for other operating systems, such as Windows and Mac
      • Configuration Files
        • Global Configuration Files
        • Role-specific Configuration Files (Central Manager or
        • Host-specific Configuration Files

Condor Configuration Settings

Future Work

  • Install Linux VM's on Windows partitions to allow computers to be used even when not booted to Linux
  • Run Stanford's Folding@Home Project when there are no Condor jobs to run and some computers are idle.
  • Farther Future
    • Configure Condor's Computing on Demand feature so that MATLAB processes will run on Condor
      • Possibly configure MATLAB on The Stable to use Condor
    • Register faculty computers with Condor to be submit machines (don't actually do any work)
    • Install Condor in other labs and on library computers across campus.
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