Notes from 09.09.2010

Brainstorming Notes

  • Data values
    • From DB
    • Machine learning for equivalence classes
    • Separate models for valid or invalid values
  • Can we map navigation model to code? How precise?
    • Did we not cover edges because of probabilities or because not representative?
  • Navigation Model: Ways to create
    • by user
    • by time
    • by type of user
    • group by purpose/intention –> how?
    • length of user sessions?
  • How to define “critical” pages?
  • What makes a test case “feasible”, or, alternatively not feasible?
    • cross-accessible
    • what kind of distribution of test cases do want? (What % feasible, what % not?)
    • not feasible: x # of error responses in a row –> not feasible
  • Can we define “critical pages”?
    • non-error response?
    • how many pages are critical? (i.e., aren't error responses)
  • What are properties of the user sessions we may want to look at?
    • if it changes the state
    • length of user session
    • timing –> take longer on a page
    • # of parameters?
    • previous page, # of parameters –> values change
    • the user's intent (browsing, vs something else) –> define equivalence classes
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