Customizing DSpace

Goal: an online digital publications library.

Current Solution

Customized version of DSpace

Our Customized Functionality:

  • easier to use browse and search publications
  • project field
  • simplified addition of new publications

Problems with Current Version:

  • Others can't update their uploaded publications, just the admins can do that (permissions problems? Can't seem to solve in current version of DSpace)
  • Older code requires older versions of web application servers

Process of Upgrading Solution

  • Install latest DSpace code
    • Requires web app server and Postgresql DB
    • May require user to have root privileges on machine
  • Customize DSpace to allow us to upload and view documents easily
    • May want to look over DSpace code and see what kind of new customizing functionality they have. It may be easier than it was before
  • Migrating
    • Need to migrate our DB/state (1.2.2) to the current version's state

Additional Functionality/Bug Fixes

  • “Viewing accepted publications” seems to have a one-off error in the publications links
  • ERROR: In viewing submissions, it doesn't seem like pubs-handle is working. If you use the same document number with handle instead of pubs-handle, it works.
  • Usability: Need to have “more than one file” at beginning of submission dialog? Can that wait until later?
    • Hard to add additional files later
  • “Quick links” to publications, generating results pages
  • External links
  • Discovery search results
  • abstract: replace line breaks with <p>

Problems to Address

  • Best way to customize DSpace
    • Don't want to do this every couple of years!
  • Migrating our database/publications (our version: 1.2.2) to latest version (1.6)
  • Testing
  • After migration: regression testing

Desired Functionality

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